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Walk Way

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If you wish to discover Girona on foot, Gironaway offers you a series of planned routes that will make you enjoy the city’s rich heritage in a way you never thought possible!

45-minute route:

We’ll be visiting the most relevant locations of the Barri Vell (old quarter) by following a route in which you’ll joyfully discover the city’s heritage!

Church of Sant Feliu – Lioness’ Bottom (Cul de la Lleona) sculpture – The Arab Baths – Girona Cathedral – Jewish Quarter


90-minute routes:

This route will take you deep into the old quarter’s monumental heart by following a unique circuit where you’ll discover the history and artwork of the triply invincible and magnificent city!

Church of Sant Feliu – Lioness’ Bottom (Cul de la Lleona) sculpture – The Arab Baths – Girona Cathedral – The Germans’ Garden (Jardí dels Alemanys) – The Ramparts – Jewish Quarter


Let us walk you through season 6 of the famous GAME OF THRONES series that was shot in Girona with expert explanations and videos! Walking through the streets of the Barri Vell (old quarter), we’ll visit every shooting location of the famous HBO series while discovering the history and heritage of the city!

Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants – Galligants Bridge – Plaça dels Jurats square – The Arab Baths – Sobreportes portal – Cathedral – Carrer Bisbe Cartanyà street – Carrer de Claveria and Carrer d’Escola Pia streets – Sant Martí staircase – Carrer Sant Llorenç street


Girona’s Jewish Quarter is one of the best preserved in the world and is popularly referred to as “El Call. Come join us on a route that passes through the narrow and tortuous streets of the Jewish Quarter as well as other spots of the old quarter as we discover the history and culture of one of the largest Jewish communities in Catalonia!

Sant Felix square – Cathedral – Carrer Manuel Cúndaro street – Carrer de Sant Llorenç street – The Women’s Balcony (Mirador de les Dones) – Monastery of Sant Domènech – Gironella Tower – Plaça dels Apòstols square – The Arab Baths



The Sorceress of the Cathedral, the Lioness’ Bottom or the Cocollona river monster are some of Girona’s most popular mythical figures. If you wish to discover the city’s hidden legends, join us on this tour which will transport you to a mythical Girona.

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  • Duration : 45 minuts / 90 minuts
  • Price : 12€ / 20€

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