What is Ninebot?

Ninebot PTR E+ by Segway is a new form of balance of electric vehicles with intelligence and automaton functions. Ninebot copied some of the Segway technologies, but improved them, counting with all technological advances in terms of safety, kinetic engineering (South Korea), four gyroscopes (USA), lithium battery (TESLA) and a management control software (UK).

This way, Ninebot is a little smaller and easier to handle, which makes it more versatile.

Where do we meet our guide?

At the meeting point, carrer de Pou Rodó number 17.

Is there an age and weight limit for the tour?

There is no regulation in this regard, but the manufacturing companies recommend a minimum age of 10-12 years and a weight exceeding 30kg, or at least a sufficient height and a weight equivalent to that of Ninebot.

Should I do the tour if I am pregnant?

We advise you not to do it: you will definitely find another perfect time to enjoy it!

How many people can participate in a tour?

For security and quality of our service, up to 10 people. We usually divide larger groups and offer alternative activities.

Can I rent a Ninebot on my own?

Yes, if the Ninebot is yours. We work with groups and our standard is always to accompany and guide you with expertise and security.

What happens if I've reserved a tour and it rains?

The tour will be cancelled and we will try to find a new date and time to carry it out. If it is not possible, we will reimburse your money (the same way the payment was made).

In what languages do you offer the tours?

We offer our tours in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

When and how should the tour be paid?

You can reserve the tour online on our webpage and pay 30% of the final amount.

If you have not booked in advance, payment is made before departure, by credit card or in cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure of the tour. No money will be refunded if the customer does not come the day of the tour without notice.

Have you any question?